AUGENBLICK MAL! 2023 will take place in Berlin from 21 to 26 April 2023!
Vier Personen stehen vor einem gelben Haus. Die Bewerber/Autoren/Innen des Berliner Kindertheaterpreises 2023 des Grips Theaters und der Gasag: Marie Huettner, Ayse Bosse, Sebastian Klauke und Julia Blesken (nicht im Bild Lara Schuetzsack). Februar 2022.
© David Baltzer

Berlin Children's Theater Award 2023  

Award ceremony and reading as part of AUGENBLICK MAL! 2023  
When: Tue 25.04. 19:00
Where: GRIPS Hansaplatz
Duration: 200 minutes, intermission


For the 8th time, GRIPS and GASAG have inspired selected young playwrights* to develop a play for contemporary children's theater by a jury. The nominees are Julia Blesken, Ayşe Bosse, Marie Hüttner, Lara Schützsack and Sebastian Klauke. They and their pieces will be presented at this gala. Connected with the first prize is the staging of the play at GRIPS Theater.