AUGENBLICK MAL! 2023 will take place in Berlin from 21 to 26 April 2023!
Ein großer Stuhlkreis auf einem blauen Teppich. Einige Personen sitzen hinten im Kreis vor einer großen Fensterfront. Die Gesichter sind nicht zu erkennen. An der Decke des Raumes eine imposante runde Lampe,
© FOsoTObeck

Can we do it together?  

Culture and education in the theater for young audiences  
When: Tue 25.04. 11:00
Where: Festival Center Theater Strahl Ostkreuz
Duration: 120 minutes, intermission


Socially and politically, culture and education are often treated as two different fields with different structures, institutions, and frames of reference. In theater for young audiences, however, a great power can develop from their interaction. In practice, however, culture and education are often at odds with each other and do not make use of their common potential. The Working Group of Berlin Children's and Youth Theaters invites you to talk about this interrelationship: At thematic tables, visitors come into conversation with actors from cultural and educational policy, theater work, journalism and funding institutions and discuss opportunities, problems and questions in the interaction of culture and education.